Importaciones Galiano. Expolicencias y Barcelona 2013
Importaciones Galiano, the company:
Taylormade products for your company promotion. Let us raise you up higher. Importaciones Galiano has been importing advertising articles for more than twenty-five years.

It began as a small family concern but little by little has become one of the most important in the province.

The trust shown in us by our clients enables us present our company as a specialised team in promotional campaigns with the capacity to work and collaborate with all kinds of agencies in order to find the adequate product according to the available budget of any company.

Since we took our first steps on the international market we have expanded and widened our range of imported products thus offering our clients a much wider choice of articles and a fast, dynamic, reliable service.

Currently we have a 1200m2 warehouse only to make our client's logistics, 200m2 of offices with another 200m2 of showroom.
Our own haulage service guaranties an efficient agile delivery to any part of the country.

After all this time of continuous evolution, we now have a niche as an important company in the promotion and advertising sector at a national level with prestigious firms among our clients.

We maintain a very close relationship with our suppliers and our clients, which allows us a rapid individualized response according to each application.

After many years of continuous trips to different international markets we have available a very extensive data base of products and manufacturers, while the coordination of our commercial, design, management and warehouse departments assures an efficient and self-sufficient service.

We also have a network of people in the countries of origin who control and confirm the quality of our products.

C/ Clara Campoamor, 6.
22520 FRAGA (Huesca) Spain

Tel.  (+34) 974 47 16 65
Fax. (+34) 974 47 33 23

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